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Debra Gail Steen with ACR 2 Solutions

Debra Gail Steen/ACR 2 Solutions, Inc. 

Debra Gail Steen is a Sales Manager with ACR 2 Solutions, Inc. HIPAA 102: New Rules and Penalties for Non-Compliance. The Omnibus Rule represent massive sweeping changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security. Hear what’s changed, what’s new and what it could mean to your organization. (For any Medical Practice, Hospital and their Business Associates.)


Financial Executives International Association

Chris Arndt/FEI Atlanta

As the Director of FEI Atlanta, Chris Arndt is a versatile executive with an MBA in Finance and a powerful blend of financial and operations expertise gained over 20+ years of executive management, complemented by top tier turnaround. Chris has  Big 4 consulting experience spanning diverse industries including health care, information technology, retail, and manufacturing.

Chris is equally adept at directing management of financials, identifying and executing investment and product strategies, driving/supporting growth through operational excellence, business realignment, process improvement, turnaround and cost reduction initiatives. He readily motivates teams, defines objectives, and drives accountability at all levels. Chris routinely asks “What if?” and embraces dynamic, changing business models – thinks like an investor; acts like an owner.

Sara Jones/BBDO Atlanta

Sara Jones is the EVP, CFO for BBDO Atlanta Inc. A graduate of the University of South Alabama and CPA, Sara began her career in healthcare, working for HCA and Humana. However, in 1989 she found her niche in the advertising industry. Behind the scenes of every great agency, and all the great work is someone who makes sure everything is operating like clockwork – work flows, bills are paid, and all the details are handled to the highest standards. Sara Jones is this person. At BBDO Atlanta, Sara manages agency operations: Accounting, Broadcast Production, Print Production, Project Management, Studio Services, and Information Systems. She is a member of FEI National and Secretary for FEI, Atlanta Chapter.

Doug Hooper/Dew Learning

Doug Hooper is the Chief Financial Officer at Dew Learning. Doug is a Senior Operations and Finance Executive with more than 20 years of success integrating finance, operations, business metrics, and business processes to facilitate strategic decision making and drive financial and business performance. He is a change agent with a strong blend of financial and operational expertise, and proven ability to excel in start-up, high-growth, and multi-billion dollar corporate settings and in diverse industries ranging from telecommunications, plastic and metal products, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, education, e-learning and software development.

Doug has delivered many millions of dollars in cost savings through acquisition integration and restructuring; turned around a company to profitability leading to its divestiture; and led several start-ups, including business unit that generated $40M+ in its first year. Doug has his MBA in International Business and BBA in Business Administration. He is a Board Member of Financial Executives International.


Tarby Bryant with Atlanta Gathering of Angels, Kashi Sehgal with Gigabark, Stuart Brady with The Business House and Nancy Chorpenning with C Suite Advisors

Tarby Bryant/Atlanta Gathering of Angels

Kashi Sehgal/Gigabark 

Kashi Sehgal is Co-Founder and CEO of Gigabark, a mobile messaging company specializing in phone, text, and survey broadcasts and custom solutions. She serves as a Board Member of Georgia’s WIN List, and as a member of the Fulton County Career & Technical Education Advisory Council. A co-founder of two non-profits , Music For Tomorrow and Mentor Walk, Kashi serves as Executive Vice President of the Campus Community Partnership Foundation and CEO of KTrain, her consulting company. She earned her undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and a graduate degree from Georgia Tech.

Stuart Brady/The Business House 

Stuart J. Brady is a Senior Business Analyst with the Business House, INC., a boutique mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm in the southeast. Mr. Brady specializes in developing and facilitating exit plans for the business owners that are fast approaching retirement. “With over 10,000 folks in the United States turning 60 every day, there are many successful business owners who do not have a well-defined exit plan.” Mr. Brady continues, “We take the emotion out of the selling process. My goal is to help the business owner maximize their single largest asset and reap the benefits of having built a successful enterprise, so that they may now enjoy the next chapter in their lives.”

For the last 16 years, Mr. Brady has also owned and operated Kirkwood Car Wash, a self-service car wash located in Atlanta’s historic Kirkwood neighborhood.

Nancy Chorpenning/C Suite Advisors 

Nancy Is a self-proclaimed “corporate refugee” having exited from Corporate America in 2005, following 6 years helping start up WebMD which brought her to Atlanta in 1999. She founded C- Suite Advisors in 2006 after detoxing from the Corporate Koolaid that prevented her from fully understanding that Small Business was the engine that powers our country and our economy, and that business owners – especially WOMEN business owners – are largely ignored and unsupported.

She has since become a Small Business Evangelist and Advocate for Women Business Founders, largely through her work first with the Metro Atlanta Chamber, where she designed their CEO Roundtable program, and subsequently with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), where she served as President of the Atlanta Chapter and this year is joining their National Board of Directors. Her clients refer to her as “My Business Whisperer” for the advice, support and words of wisdom she imparts to help accelerate their business growth.

She is a Returned Midlife Peace Corps Volunteer and a new bride, having married Paul McCreery last year in a beach ceremony. Thursday, she is moderating a panel of 8 women entrepreneurs as they discuss Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In at the NAWBO Atlanta Chapter Program at The Buckhead Club. This Friday morning, she is presenting a half-day seminar at The Georgian Club to help Business Owners Increase their Profitability.


Spotlight on Women Presidents Organization

Phyllis Newhouse/Xtreme Solutions, Inc. 

Phyllis Winchester Newhouse is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is one of thirteen siblings. Ms. Phyllis Newhouse retired from the United States Army in November 1999, having served her country for three decades. She is a graduate of St. Leo College. Phyllis Newhouse is the President and owner of Xtreme Solutions, Inc. She has worked for Fortune 100 companies as well as small businesses. She is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and the Women Presidents Organization (WPO). She has received numerous military awards and recognitions. Recently she received an award for her company being one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in America. Additionally, Phyllis’ company has been noted as one of the fastest growing small businesses within the Small Business Association.

Since retiring from the US military, she has worked tirelessly to develop Xtreme Solutions to parallel her military career. The company is committed to supporting a variety of programs that undertake and ultimately solve our client’s problems. Xtreme Solutions is distinguished by seasoned and exceptional professionals with the business acumen to align our customers’ needs. Xtreme Solutions prides itself on providing the honesty, integrity, and service necessary for long-term client partnerships by delivering within the agreed price and schedule.

Randy Satterlee/VanRan Communications and Kleansweep

Tanya Mack/HealthGate and Telehealth

Tanya Mack is President of HealthGate, an online, e-commerce site that offers discounts for medical services direct to consumers at 25-75% savings. Tanya is also COO of Women’s Telehealth, a high-risk OB telemedicine service company. Women’s Telehealth provides high risk OB specialist services to patients in underserved areas so they can be safely managed in their home community the majority of the time via telemedicine and Bluetooth technology. Also, Tanya hosts The Doctor’s Roundtable radio show that airs on Thursdays at noon and addresses a variety of health care topics.