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Sustainability Is Good For Business

Today we talked about sustainability and how it can help a company’s bottom line. In today’s business environment, sustainable initiatives are no longer just a “feel good” effort; they are an important component of cost control and strategic positioning. Complying with ever increasing environmental regulations is impacting businesses from commercial real estate to manufacturing. On the show we discussed creative ways to reduce your company’s environmental impact.

We opened the show with Philip Wilheit Jr a Partner with Wilheit Packaging. Philip manages Wilheit’s sustainable packaging product lines and recycling initiatives. Their clients include several fortune 500 companies such as Mars/Wrigley, Mohawk Industries and Steelcase Industries. Wilheit sources some of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available anywhere in the world. They have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement for years.

Also on the show was Phil Kitchens, President of Southern Waste & Recycling. Southern Waste is an environmentally conscious firm that helps its customers develop practical, sustainable recycling programs.   Whether you operate a large production facility locally or many locations overmultiple geographic regions, Southern Waste can help you reduce operating costs, minimize and contain landfill expenses, implement sustainability initiatives, and better manage the day-to-day service needs of your location(s). They also provide timely, detailed reporting and offer comprehensive site auditing and benchmarking of cost-reduction and green initiatives.

Arc of Georgia Leadership Shares Tips For Caring For Your Child With Special Needs

Parents who have a child with special needs like a physical and/or intellectual disability face many challenges. On today’s show Deirdre O’Brien, Executive Director of the Arc of Georgia and David B Glass, Vice President of the Arc of Georgia and Principal with Glass Financial Group were kind enough to share some real tips from their own life on how to care for a child with special needs.

The Arc of Georgia is a 50+ year old non-profit organization that advocates for families and people with developmental disabilities.  The Arc works to develop programs, funding and public policy that assists these people realize their goals of learning, living and working in the community.

David discussed some of the financial issues families of a disabled child have to deal with. He suggested building a team of trusted advisors (including a financial/tax planner and an attorney like James McCarten from Burr and Forman who are experienced in special needs planning) to help manage the complexity that is involved. Deirdre mentioned that a well meaning financial gift from a family member can disqualify a child from receiving government assistance so you have to be very careful with your finances. They both mentioned the importance of  setting up a trust to ensure that your special needs child is set up for life.